Fuelling the payments stack of India's largest passenger airline, Indigo
Take a look at how Juspay assisted Indigo, the largest passenger airline in India, in optimizing its payment stack.
Customer Base
86 million
1800+ daily flights
FY 23’ Revenue
$ 6.6 billion

About Indigo

IndiGo, is one of the fastest growing global low-cost carriers. It is the 7th largest airline in the world by daily departures. They commenced operations in August 2006 with the objective of not only redefining affordable air travel in India but also to facilitate business trade through air cargo services.

Payment challenges

  • Deliver the best-in-class payments experience to end users.
  • Manage multiple payment processors (interoperability).
  • Provide robust visibility over their entire Payments Stack.

Payment process is critical to any business and this is true for aviation brands. High value ticket transactions and tight security measures could complicate the payment ecosystem and being the seventh largest airline in the world, every aspect of the payment process requires careful scrutiny.

How can an aviation brand improve their payment processes while making the checkout journey seamless & hassle free?


To begin with, multi PG interoperability is critical when it comes to handling large transactions and fallback gateways to salvage payment failures. Existing direct integrations of Indigo were re-configured and our dynamic routing module managed the traffic split while also giving a holistic view of all incoming payments made on the platform (app & web ) on our unified dashboard.

In addition to this, if there is a differential pricing at a payment method level - this logic can also be fed into the dashboard which will then act as boundary guidelines while routing transactions.

End customer also benefits via improved conversion on payments. In an industry where fares are dynamic, this helps customers in securing the right fare at the right time in one go.

When working with legacy business lines, even small changes can potentially disrupt data flow, such as PNR allocation, revenue accounting, reconciliation, and more. In order to ensure no hiccups whatsoever, every department was brought to the drawing board to explain modules that are critical for business as usual. This became the foundation for us to effectively manage the project ensuring we have respective buy-in and sign-off across stakeholders.


The airline industry faces complex payment challenges, requiring deep technical collaboration across departments. Streamlining payments with the help of a reliable payment orchestrator can improve customer experience and reduce operational overhead, making payments a growth engine.

Our partnership with IndiGo takes IndiGo’s payments experience to newer heights.

  • End-to-End payments viability from pay-ins to refunds
  • Multiple payment processor interoperability and intelligent routing
  • Success rates that touch the sky
We’re excited to partner with Juspay to enhance our customers’ booking experience and offer them a wide range of secure and convenient Payment options.

-Neetan Chopra, Chief Digital & Information Officer, IndiGo

About Hyperswitch

Hyperswitch is on open-source payments platform by Juspay that allows global digital businesses to:

Reduce processing cost Reduce dev. efforts Seamlessly adopt innovation & changes
Integrate directly with the network or the issuer Access to local & global payment methods with minimal engineering effort. Newer A2A/real-time payment systems evolving in most countries.
Better Authentication to eliminate fraud, shift liability to the issuer. Unified operations, analytics, disputes & reconciliation dashboards Local payment methods like wallets, pay laters and more.
Smart routing transactions between multiple processors Regulatory changes like tokenisation, 2FA, data localisation and more.

With Hyperswitch, our vision is to provide digital business with a payments platform which they need to run their business efficiently, focussing on their core and not on the complexity of payments. Written ground-up in rust, we’re have built Hyperswitch it like a systems software which is super performant, low latency and ultra-reliable.

Streamline payments with Hyperswitch
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