BookMyShow handles traffic spike with ease
Take a look at how Juspay assisted BookMyShow, India's largest entertainment destination, in handling traffic and transaction spikes.
Customer Base
30 million+
5 countries
FY23' Revenue
$116 million

About BookMyShow

BookMyShow (BMS) is the leading online ticketing platform for movies, events, and sports in India. It has become a one-stop-shop for every out-of-home entertainment needs. The company is currently operating in five countries and partners with various industry players to provide exceptional entertainment experiences to millions of customers.

Payment Challenges

BookMyShow does not experience heavy traffic every day. The traffic is distributed throughout the week, with varying loads. However, the weekends see the heaviest traffic, especially during specific times of the day.

This implies that their payment infrastructure needs to be able to handle sudden bursts in traffic while ensuring that the checkout experience is seamless, and the success rates remain consistently high. The lack of which would frustrate customers, leading to an increase in refund queries, and add a disproportionate load to their customer care team.

Handle more traffic, with as little infra as possible.



1. Improved Success Rates

UPI*(Unified Payments Interface)*, the account-to-account instant transfer platform in India was launched in 2017. UPI took India by storm, and as with most online businesses, UPI formed the majority of BMS’ overall volumes. UPI today is the world’s largest A2A instant transfer platform and does 11 billion transactions a month.

To handle traffic Bursts, BMS integrated our UPI stack powered Axis bank UPI. This reduced technical failures and powered high Success Rates, handling traffic peaks with finesse. Moreover, the stack also ensured a much more stable refund system, which immediately lowered BMS’s customer care inquiries.

We further improved the payments infrastructure for BMS by introducing Juspay powered Yes bank UPI stack and handled routing between these two and a few more UPI PGs. This reduced BMS’s dependence on single stacks and further improved payment performance.

2. Payments Orchestration

Our payment orchestration solution boosted BookMyShow’s payments infrastructure with a state of the art Orchestration Layer, routing transactions between different Payment processors.

3. Payments Experience

Additionally, we also focused on enhancing the user experience by improving user journeys. We enabled custom payment flows which reduced the number of steps taken to complete a transaction, reducing friction and providing a seamless checkout experience with lower drop-offs and higher success rates

Our journey with BookMyShow

BookMyShow is currently selling more than 15 million tickets every month and has established partnerships with over 6,000 cinemas, 600 venues, and 4,000 event organizers. The impressive growth of BookMyShow is a result of their perseverance, innovation, and commitment to making entertainment accessible to everyone. We take pride in working with BookMyShow to strengthen their payments stack and we strive to achieve this with minimal hassle.

About Hyperswitch

Hyperswitch is on Open-source payments platform by Juspay that allows global digital businesses to:

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Better Authentication to eliminate fraud, shift liability to the issuer. Unified operations, analytics, disputes & reconciliation dashboards Local payment methods like wallets, pay laters and more.
Smart routing transactions between multiple processors Regulatory changes like tokenisation, 2-FA, data localisation and more.

With Hyperswitch, our vision is to provide digital business with a payments platform which they need to run their business efficiently, focussing on their core and not on the complexity of payments. Written ground-up in rust, we’re have built Hyperswitch it like a systems software which is super performant, low latency and ultra-reliable.

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