Why are we building HyperSwitch as Open Source

Egalitarian culture is finding its way into fintech software​

Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory have illustrated the evolution patterns of human culture for over 200,000 years. Based on this, there is a clear recent shift in human culture towards a more egalitarian, community-oriented, diverse, inclusive and safe form.

Safety (security & privacy in software design), Inclusivity (user & developer experience), Community-oriented (actively exchanging ideas and taking feedback), Diversity-embracing (simple design to encompass large diversity) will become table stakes for any software product.

The Internet, at the same time, is exponentially increasing dependency on technology and opening up a borderless world.

Both these shifts - the shape of modern culture and the role of technology, are coming together affecting how we build and consume fintech software.

The main implication is that we now are gradually shifting the decision-making power from business leaders to community participants.

Innovation Winter in the payments ecosystem needs to be broken

The last major innovation in the financial system dates back to the 1960s when the major card schemes adopted magnetic stripe technology and set ground policies for issuing and payments on cards across banks worldwide. Unfortunately, the next disruptive platform innovation at a global scale (comparable to the Card scheme's technology or Google's Android operating system powering billions of devices) is yet to arrive in our global payments ecosystem.

"Only Open Systems can meet this grand vision of being Community oriented while putting an end to the Innovation Winter."

Hyperswitch - An Open, Fast, Efficient and Affordable Payment Switch

Hyperswitch was conceived as an Open Payments Switch, which embraces diversity and innovation to improve user experience and conversions while reducing the cost and operations for merchants.

Payments should be Open, Fast, Efficient & Affordable to serve billions of people at scale

- Vimal Kumar, CEO & Founder of Juspay Technologies

Hyperswitch is 100% Open Source

Open Core by principle

Hyperswitch's entire core software is open-sourced.

How are we different?

We are greatly inspired by and appreciative of payment companies with open-sourced software components such as reusable libraries, plugins for commercial software, design patterns, and many more primitive features. But we wish to take a step ahead and open-source our entire software stack.

Why are we different?

We aim to break the pattern and create a barrier-free environment to adopt our software.

Hyperswitch is Apache2.0 Licensed

Hence we have chosen a 100% permissive software license. We are open to,

  • Developers and creators using our code to innovate and build great products for the payments ecosystem
  • Businesses who wish to use our product for free
  • Partners who wish to collaborate with us
  • Competitors who want to reuse our code or work with us to bring a change to the payments ecosystem

Hyperswitch is 100% Transparent & Community Driven

Our Engineering is open - The way we have engineered our product for high performance, reliability, scalability, and security is open. We are fully transparent in whatever we do.

Our Roadmap is open - We would love to have your feedback and participation in improving our product.

We are open to your critical feedback about our product design, architecture, and engineering. We encourage you to try and use it for free if you like it.

Wish to know more about us?

  • Visit our GitHub page to learn more about us
  • Check out our website to get started quickly
  • Join our Slack community to stay updated about hyperswitch