Streamlined & hassle-free global payouts

Effortlessly facilitate global payouts to your customers, network of sellers, merchants, and service providers
Trusted by global brands
Key benefit to business
An enterprise grade global payouts solution that offers better cost,
multiple schemes and the right mode of payouts
Supercharge conversions
Effortlessly send funds to bank accounts or cards using your preferred method
Low costs, better results
Reduce operational costs and improve success rates
Stay secure
PCI compliant card handling and bank details tokenization
Simplify operations
Monitor all payouts across partners in a single dashboard view
Product overview

Smart orchestration

Hassle-free payouts via different processors and preferred payment methods
Payment processors
Preferred methods
Hassle-free payouts
Variety of options
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Unified Integration

All-in-one integration

Get full control on your payout costs. Send payouts to bank accounts, cards & wallets via your preferred processor & schemes
Cost optimization
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Customized payout links

Send payout links to your customers to collect bank/card/wallet details and trigger payouts immediately or after a review
Payout links
Enhance & customize
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REPEAT Payments

Bulk & recurring payouts

Easily manage large-scale payouts & set up scheduled fixed-value payouts
Mass payouts
Recurring payments
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