Safeguard your payments through Hyperswitch's Fraud & Risk solutions

Efficiently manage fraud risk with our unified FRM module, seamlessly integrated within our payments API. Consolidate fraud prevention efforts and enhance security measures for streamlined payment processing
fraud and risk management:hyperswitch
Trusted by global brands
Key benefit to business
Enable FRM solution of your choice with a few
clicks and minimal code changes
Secure transactions
Customize the unified FRM module according to your needs by choosing between pre Vs post authorize review flows
Increased Efficiency
Manage fraud settings and chargebacks resolution through a centralized dashboard and response mechanisms to save time
Fraud Alerts
Immediate notifications are sent when potential fraudulent activity is detected, ensuring quick action and minimal losses
Insightful Analytics
Detailed reports on fraud patterns help inform decisions and strategy adjustments
Product overview

Processor-Agnostic integration

Single API connect lets you seamlessly connect with an FRM solution of choice.
Seamless integration
FRM solution
Simplify with one API
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Customized fraud strategies

Use your own domain as the URL of the payment link
Custom domain
Branding payment
Custom URLs
Enhance branding
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Fraud Hub

Unified fraud management dashboard

A consolidated interface that displays all flagged transactions, making decision-making on potential frauds a breeze.
Fraud detection
Flagging interface
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Chargeback Sync

Unified chargebacks resolution

Streamline chargeback management processes by centralizing monitoring and response mechanisms, saving time and resources.
Unified response
Time & resource
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