Adda52 offers a seamless payment experience to its customers
Take a look at how Juspay assisted Adda52, one of the most reputed names in the online gambling industry, in optimizing its payment stack.
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Revenue growth
20% YoY

About Adda52

Adda52 is one of the most reputed names in the online gaming industry, offering the perfect place to play favourite Poker variants such as Texas Holdem, PLO, and Crazy Pineapple with real money. Adda52 is owned by Deltatech Gaming Limited, India’s leading online gaming company.

Payment challenges

The shift from playing poker offline or on websites to playing on apps became a turning point for the industry, giving players easy access. Extending the same accessibility towards payments helps online poker platforms drive better engagement and retention.

As a leading online gaming platform, it is essential for Adda52 to ensure the safety of their customers and build their trust when it comes to payments. This involves handling real-time money requests with speed, security, and efficiency while maintaining high levels of performance. This involves handling the below-mentioned problems

  • How to offer a seamless and branded payment experience?
  • How to improve the success rates of UPI (Unified Payments Interface)? UPI, the account-to-account (A2A) instant transfer platform in India was launched in 2017. UPI today is the world’s largest A2A instant transfer platform and does 11 billion transactions a month.
  • How to improve the success rates of card transactions?


We partnered with Adda52 to offer their customers a seamless and secure Payments experience and boost their success rates.

1. Custom Branded Checkout experience

Adda52 Poker utilised our no-code checkout builder to create a payment experience that is customised to their brand and tailored to their customers. With more than 100 configurations and an intuitive drag-and-drop experience, Adda52 was able to develop a native payment experience without writing a single line of code.

2. Improving Card Payment Success Rates

A tedious payment flow might lead to higher chances of errors, eventually leading to payment failure. These also include inaccurate user inputs for OTPs. Adda52 Poker implemented our native One-Time-Password(OTP) read & submit to minimise user errors and enable a seamless card payment flow.

3. Improving UPI payment Success Rates

Adda52 implemented a no-code interface to customize the payment methods displayed to the users based on the insights derived from the dashboard on how customers were using UPI. By prioritizing prominent UPI apps like GooglePay, Amazon Pay UPI, Cred UPI, and BHIM, Adda52 saw a 4% increase in the success rates of UPI transactions. UPI is considered the most seamless and convenient payment method.


We created a native checkout experience for Adda52’s customers providing a seamless payments experience. Along with that, implementing Native OTP read & submit led to an increase of 10% in Debit Card Success Rates and 4% increase in Credit Card Success Rates.

Adda52’s Poker users can now enjoy their game time while we ensures that their money is always secure and their payment experience always seamless.

About Hyperswitch

Hyperswitch is on Open-source payments platform by Juspay that allows global digital businesses to:

Reduce processing cost Reduce dev. efforts Seamlessly adopt innovation & changes
Integrate directly with the network or the issuer Access to local & global payment methods with minimal engineering effort. Newer A2A/real-time payment systems evolving in most countries.
Better Authentication to eliminate fraud, shift liability to the issuer. Unified operations, analytics, disputes & reconciliation dashboards Local payment methods like wallets, pay laters and more.
Smart routing transactions between multiple processors Regulatory changes like tokenisation, 2-FA, data localisation and more.

With Hyperswitch our vision is to provide digital business with a payments platform which they need to run their business efficiently, focussing on their core and not on the complexity of payments. Written ground-up in rust, we’re have built Hyperswitch it like a systems software which is super performant, low latency and ultra-reliable.

Streamline payments with Hyperswitch
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